Blogger Fatma Arabicca arrested


Fatma Riahi well known Fatma Arabicca, author of the blog has been convened  Monday, November 2nd,by the Criminal Brigade Gorjani in Tunis.

She was released the same evening to be reconvened on Tuesday, November 3rd. She was then escorted by officers of the brigade to her home in Monastir in order to fetch her and get her computer.
Since she has been arrested Fatma Arabicca could not see her lawyer, Miss Laila Ben Debba but for few minutes.

Indeed, the criminal brigade has legally the possibility to keep her in custody  in those circumstances for 8 days before presenting her to a judge
Fatma Riahi, 34, is charged with defamation on her own blog and is also accused of being in fact the blogger  Debat Tunise (Tunisia Debate ) aka-Z-.


4 réponses à “Blogger Fatma Arabicca arrested

  1. Hello, I am from the LA Times Beirut desk. We would like to put together a blog item on Fatma’s arrest. Do you happen to have a larger, print quality picture of her? please e-mail me directly.

  2. we are looking for a better photo format and quality, if we get one we will let you know.


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